Be a Better Bartender. Taste Every Drink.

Simon Ford and Allen Katz, Art of the Cocktail

There’s nothing worse, when ordering a drink at a bar, than receiving a shoddily-made cocktail. Sadly, this happens far too often around here (many bartenders in Buffalo have never even heard of bitters). Even when they’ve got the ingredients right, sometimes a recipe can still go awry from improper portioning, poor mixing or the like.

One of the greatest tips I picked up from Art of the Cocktail was from Allen Katz and Simon Ford, as they bounced ideas and knowledge off of each other for the presentation. It’s something that I do for myself, whether I’m cooking, baking or mixing a drink, but have honestly never seen a bartender do. If you don’t remember from the post title above:

Taste every drink.

Paraphrasing, here’s how the conversation went down –

Allen Katz: Bartenders, taste your drinks, like a chef tastes sauce.

Simon Ford: But taste them from the shaker, not the customer’s glass, so it can be modified…

Allen Katz: Modify it if it’s not true.

Simon Ford: Even in right front of your customer, taste every drink. A simple dip of a straw or a small scoop with a tasting spoon into the mixing glass is all it takes.

It’s simple. Tasting every drink, just like tasting at every step whilst cooking or baking, will ensure a quality product. I never hand off a cocktail to a friend without tasting it first, and you can be damn sure I taste my own as well. No bartender would want to choke down a crappy cocktail and neither do your customers. Do yourselves and your patrons a favor and take the extra second to taste every drink before pouring it into a glass. You’re sure to make better drinks, gain more loyal customers and most likely enjoy a rise in tips as well.



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  • Brent Frayser August 29, 2017 @ 11:49am

    This is a great point. Thanks for sharing.

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