Be True to Your School

Right now is a great time to be a college sports fan. Football season is in full swing, with exciting upsets seemingly every week. The championship landscape is taking shape as many teams jockey for position in the rankings with Bowl Week right around the corner. NCAA Coola Can RefrigeratorsCollege basketball recently got underway again as well, with early season invitational tournaments and non-conference play.

If you’re the type of sports fan that looks forward to Bowl Week and March Madness more than any other time of year, we have a new product you must see. The NCAA Coola Can refrigerator is perfect for anyone who bleeds their school’s colors and lives and dies with every touchdown and every three-pointer. I know more than a few people like this and I bet you do too.

More than just a beverage fridge, it would be the piece de résistance of any big game party. Proof that you’re willing to go the extra mile for your team and a thorn in the side of any rival fans in attendance. Also, I can’t think of a better accoutrement for a frat house or dorm room. Christmas is just around the corner and the gift possibilities of this can fridge are endless.

Choose from many popular schools, including multi-sport powerhouses like LSU, Texas and Florida, heated rivals like Duke and North Carolina, upstarts like Boise State or storied greats like Kentucky and Michigan.


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