Beating Back the Winter Blues

It’s easy to hate winter. The blustering wind, tinged with a sharp-toothed frost that wends its way beneath buttoned collars, making a mockery of our deep desire for warmth and comfort. Dark days, dark evenings, dark nights all cascading into one endless inky black mass that leaves the calendar defenseless and unmoving. And the snow, my God, the snow (not to mention its equally cold-hearted brother, ice) heaping itself in mountainous piles that demand our ever-industrious attention and transforming even the easiest commute into an hours-long exercise in cautious faith. Seriously, winter can suck it.

Of course, telling winter to suck it doesn’t make it go away. In fact, it’s entirely possible that Mother Nature has a bit of a vindictive streak, and the more we beg for sweet sunshine, the more she’ll be all like “No sunshine for you, but here’s some more soul-sucking frigidity.” In other words, you better hunker down because we’ve got months of this nonsense in front of us.

So what’re we to do? How can we maintain our sanity in the face of a Winter Wonderland that is more aptly described as a very vivid vision of our own cold Hell? If you’re among the lucky ones that have a winter activity like skiing, snowshoeing, or being Canadian, then you’re in good shape. In fact, you probably look forward to winter, eh? Good for you (although, also, I resent you because I’m a largely uncoordinated American).

For the rest of us, I’ve only got one game plan: let’s drink.

Hot Toddy Mix

Wait though, let me be more specific. Sure, let’s drink, but let’s also make sure that the drinks we have are uniquely capable of warming our bellies, our hearts, and our feelings of goodwill towards man. Let’s snuggle in front of a fire and drink mulled wine, or bundle up beneath some blankets and sip a hot toddy, or bake some cookies in the kitchen while we enjoy Irish coffee from chocolate toasting cups and talk about our lives and our loves and the undying beauty of moments just like these.

Really, it doesn’t matter what you drink, or even where you do it. The point is that winter, for all of its frosty annoyances, lends itself to the idea of building bonds. After all, we’re all fighting the same fight, right? So gather some loved ones near, pour something strong, and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. We promise you’ll make it through and be soaking up that springtime sunshine before you know it!

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