The Most Beautiful Home Brewing Setup Ever Created

The Beer Tree Home Brewing Setup

Beauty is in the eye of the be(er)holder, as they say. However, home brewing setups aren’t always the prettiest. In fact, people have actually mistaken home brewing setups for meth labs. Remember that one?

Freddie Paul intends to change that with his absolutely gorgeous invention, the Beer Tree. This gravity fed home brewing setup was designed, as Paul puts it, to concentrate on and celebrate the process of brewing beer. “The process can be completely visualized from start to finish, involving the user more than traditional kits to create a strong sense of satisfaction.”
 The Beer Tree Home Brewing Setup

The Beer Tree Home Brewing Setup

 The Beer Tree Home Brewing Setup

  The Beer Tree Home Brewing Setup

As someone who has brewed with a “traditional kit,” I will say that it’s still pretty damn satisfying. But I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at the Beer Tree either. Unfortunately, as of right now, Freddie’s beautiful brewing invention is simply a design. But if it becomes available for public purchase, you can trust I’ll let you all know. Check out the video below for a lovely demonstration of some of the Beer Tree’s features….

Beer Tree from Freddie Paul on Vimeo.

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