Become a Homebrew Hero with the Brewcraft USA Starter Kit

“Why don’t you guys sell any homebrew kits?”

If we had a bottle cap for every time we heard that question, then we could have covered every wall in our office with them (instead of just one). In other words, we’ve heard that question a fair bit.

Please understand, this is not a complaint. We get it. We are KegWorks, Lords of All Things Beer (catchy right?), and as such, why wouldn’t we have homebrew kits? It’s a perfectly logical, if oft-repeated, query.

To be fair, we’ve always had an answer. It’s not as though we didn’t know that homebrew kits existed or that we didn’t support the noble art of homebrewing. Quite the opposite really. We’ve kept our eyes on the evolution of homebrew kits for some time and homebrewers are our homeboys. But to be perfectly frank, we just didn’t love what was available out there, and we’re not about to slap our seal of approval on something that doesn’t quite get the job done.

Well, the times they are a-changing. Homebrewers, experienced and aspiring alike, rejoice! KegWorks is in the game and we’ve got our hands on a real winner. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the Brewcraft USA Deluxe Homebrew Equipment Starter Kit!

Brewcraft USA Homebrew Starter Kit

This is not your average homebrew starter kit. It doesn’t insult you with subpar construction or chintzy gimmicks. It won’t leave you scratching your head, wondering why you just invested in something that doesn’t even have all of the equipment you actually need. And it’s certainly not going to be a one-and-done waste of your time.

Unlike many other starter kits on the market, this one is designed from the ground up with the end user in mind. The fine folks at Brewcraft USA are homebrew devotees who want nothing more than to see the reins of their passion taken up by the masses. As such, they carefully curated this kit and made sure to go above and beyond the usual, often barely-functional, starter sets of days gone by.

Many of the kits we’ve considered in the past claimed to be a one-stop resource for the budding homebrewer. However, we learned to treat these claims with an appropriate amount of skepticism as kit after kit failed to include all the equipment we thought our customers deserved. Bogus, right?

But the Brewcraft has EVERYTHING. From a 30-liter fermenter to a five-gallon stainless steel stock pot, from an auto-siphon to a carboy, from cleaning supplies to instructions. You get the idea. This kit has literally every single item that a new homebrewer needs (except for the actual brewing ingredients, which are SUPER easy to get at your local homebrew store). Best of all? This equipment is of such high-quality that we expect it to work as well on your 100th batch as it does on your first foray into your brave new world of homebrew hobbyism!

Brewcraft USA Homebrew Starter Kit

Look, I could keep going. We’re that excited. But what else do I really need to say? You asked for it (and asked for it…and asked for it!) and we are beyond thrilled to finally be able to stand up and say with the utmost confidence, “Homebrewers. We’ve got your back!” So order your kit today and name your first batch after us!

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