Beer 2.0 – How to Change the World One Pint at a Time

Thanks to this social media stuff, we get to know some pretty cool people. People like Brydon Gilliss (find him on Twitter @Brydon) who was recently a featured speaker at Ignite! Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. The community-driven event centers on geek culture through a series of five-minute speed presentations. The presentations span a wide range of topics, from “high altitude medicine” to “How to change a politician’s mind.”

Brydon’s presentation was titled “Change the World” and he focused on the economic and environmental benefits of having draft beer at home. Check it out!

What a genius! One of my favorite lines was, “I’m here to show you how you can change the world from the comfort of your own home by doing nothing more than consuming massive amounts of beer.”

Gilliss does a great job justifying the use of a kegerator conversion kit and we’re so glad he’s spreading the good word!

With his calculations, he finds that the complete cost to get your kegerator setup and pouring are under $500 (including the keg) which means your first keg costs you about $5 per pint and every keg thereafter will only cost you about $1 per pint. Sounds pretty economical to us.

He even addresses common objections like “I don’t drink that much” and “my wife will never go for it” with well-rationalized counter arguments. We applaud his efforts and encourage you to head over to our Refrigerator Conversion Kits Guide for more info.

Thanks for fighting the good fight Brydon! We’re all for helping you change the world.


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