Beer Advocate’s Top 100 Beers on the Planet

Beer Advocate recently released their Top Beers on Planet Earth list and from those that I’ve had, I’ve got to agree with their chosen brews.

100 beers made the list, coming from 44 breweries. 71 of the beers on the list came from the United States (cheers to the US craft beer revolution!), followed by Belgium (11), Germany (7), UK (5), Canada (4), Czech Republic (1) and Ireland (1).

I was happy to see so many stouts on the list, not that I don’t love most styles of beer… it’s just nice sometimes to see notice taken of the maltier side of brews, instead of always only the ultra hoppy.

Take notice that Budweiser, Coors or Coors’ macro-brew-in-craft’s-clothing Blue Moon, are not on the list. Just wanted to point that out there.

Some of my favorites listed that I’ve reviewed include Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (22nd place), Oskar Blues Ten Fidy (45th place) and Victory Storm King Stout (64th place).

Check out the list and see if the brews you love most measure up in Beer Advocate’s eyes.



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  • JayZeis August 10, 2010 @ 10:16am

    I hate how “Best” lists from Rate Beer and Beer Advocate always have was too many stouts. I like stouts, but I like every style of beer. I never understood why stouts were so much better than the others

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