Beer and Darts… Some Things Just Go Together

Can you even count how many times you’ve enjoyed a rousing game of darts while throwing back your favorite brews at your local watering hole? I know I can’t because, like toast and butter, some things just go together.

One thing I do miss about most of the pubs I frequent is the fact that they use electronic dart boards Molson Canadian Dart Boardwith plastic darts these days, instead of good old fashioned metal-tipped ones. I’ve never quite gotten used to tossing a dart with so little weight in the front. Of course, I wouldn’t trust most bar-goers with metal darts, so I suppose it’s best to go the plastic route in commercial establishments.

Not necessarily the case at your home bar though. Treat yourself and your bar, den, rec room or whatever to a classic game, all while touting your favorite brew. Molson Canadian fan? Our Molson Cabinet Dart Board is encased in solid pine, decked out in a full color Molson Canadian Logo and comes with all the trimmings:

  • Solid pine cabinet with medium wood finish
  • Full color officially licensed logo displayed on front of cabinet and above the scoreboards inside
  • 18″ bristle dartboard with self-healing sisal fiber
  • 2 sets of steel-tipped darts
  • Door mounted dry erase scoreboard and out chart

Prefer Coors, Coors Light, or Killian’s Irish Red? We’ve got dartboards for you too. Check out all of our cabinet dart boards here, and start honing your game.


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  • Victor July 14, 2010 @ 9:07am

    I would have to agree, there is nothing like some suds to go with your darting. When competition comes around I always feel like if I throw back a beer or two, that it takes the edge off.

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