Beer and the Wilderness

Letchworth State Park

As you may know, I really enjoy getting away to the great outdoors. I was away at Letchworth state park this weekend; unplugged and relaxed. I couldn’t leave everything behind, it just wouldn’t be civilized… so obviously I took my growler bag and headed out into the deep wilderness… where wild, untamed animals (well, squirrels really) and untouched woodland (or a 2 lane highway through the park) stretched for miles (not making that up) and I camped with my wife and 16-month-old son in the terrifyingly luxurious 30-foot camper that my soon to be retired parents let me borrow for the weekend.

Anyways, the weekend was fun, the beer was cold and I burned through more wood than a small wildlife preserve would have contained, but the experience was relaxing and just what I needed. Yes, the beer would have still been cold in the camper refrigerator, but keeping it out on the picnic table for the evening [read: not getting out of my chair] and not worrying about the beer getting warm or tipping over was well worth it with a tasty and different Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat ale that kept its temperature perfectly as the night went on and the fire rose higher.



  • M August 11, 2010 @ 10:46am

    Alcoholic beverages and camping go hand in hand 🙂

    And Yes…Letchworth is gorgeous! I spend my weekends down there in the summer. The view from the bottom, by the way, is soooo much better 😉

  • Pretzel Boy August 12, 2010 @ 9:55am

    I’m gonna admit that I’m a little disappointed in this post. I still don’t get what the point of this was….Was it to say that your growler coozie is great and that we should buy one? Or was it to say how great some state park is?

    BTW – How was the Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat?

  • gerg August 12, 2010 @ 11:31am

    Sometimes sharing our experiences with our fans is the point of the post. Beer and camping DO go hand in hand and experiencing this in a great park with a growler bag that made my life easier was just something I wanted to share with you. If you want me to sell something blatantly, please buy the GROWLER BAG- ONLY $24.95!!! ACT NOW!! 🙂

    The Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat was a nice change for me. I typically like more traditional brews that aren’t fruit based, but the tangerine wasn’t overpowering and the beer was well balanced. Not my favorite beer of all time, but a great find for summer. Hope you enjoy!

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