Beer and Wine at Starbucks a Big Hit

Back in July 2009, we found out that Starbucks was testing beer and wine in some of their Seattle and Portland flagship stores. We ran a survey to find out what you, our readers, thought about the inclusion of alcohol in coffee shops. The poll was split pretty much in the middle, with 52% of you saying you’d be game, and the rest of you poo-pooing the idea.

Starbucks Bar

Well, according to, the stores selling beer and wine have done rather well for themselves. In fact, sales after 4pm in these stores have increased by double-digit percentages. Starbucks is so happy with the increase in business, they’ve decided to open up to seven stores in the Chicago area, all carrying beer and wine.

While I dig the idea of beer and wine in a coffee shop, I’m of the opinion that the addition of spirits would also work well. Like a local coffee shop here in Buffalo, Caffe Aroma, Starbucks could offer coffees spiked with liqueurs, whiskeys and brandies. Why not capitalize on what made them famous in the first place by taking it to a new level? What do you think?

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