Beer at a Baseball Game Done Right

Enjoying beer at a baseball game might be a favorite American pastime but I think the folks in South Korea have the right idea when it comes to how it’s done.

When we attend a baseball game here in the States, we either leave our seats and walk to a concession stand or we purchase a bottled or canned beer from one of the beer guys in the stands with a heavy case harnessed onto the front of him. (See photo exhibit A)

Photo Exhibit A:

Beer Bottles Sold in Baseball Stands

A friend of our Systems Administrator is currently living in South Korea and sent us these photos. This is how they do beer at their baseball games. (See Photo Exhibit B)

Photo Exhibit B:

Keg Beer Sold in Baseball Stands

Why drink bottled or canned when we could be enjoying draft like these folks? What a genius idea! There’s even a little refrigeration unit in the pack that keeps the keg cold. We can’t help but wonder how the constant movement doesn’t become an issue but we’re guessing they probably go through the 3-gallon kegs fairly quickly so it’s not a huge deal. The best part is that completely full the whole shebang still only weighs 38 pounds!

Keg Beer Sold in Baseball Stands

Actually, the best part is that you get to enjoy draft beer at the game without leaving your seat. We might just have to start a revolution. Anyone with us?



  • spoon April 27, 2011 @ 9:18am

    This was about 10 years ago when I lived there but the Erie Seawolves (Detroit’s AA team) had beer vendors like that. Only place in the states I’ve ever seen it AND they were carrying Erie Railbender.

  • Hannah April 27, 2011 @ 9:24am

    Spoon – Rad! And Railbender of all things? Great to see a small local (Erie) brewery have beer on draft at the Seawolves stadium!

  • Lee Nichols April 27, 2011 @ 4:29pm

    Only problem is, to make snobs like me happy, he’d need to be carrying about 20 different taps. And none of them with any variation of the word “light” in their name.

  • Hannah April 27, 2011 @ 4:50pm

    Lee – I can see that, as a bit of a snob myself. In my experience, the only brews sold in cans/bottles to folks in the stands are the macro beers, in regular and light versions. Typically I find myself hitting a vendor inside.

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