Beer-Bottle Jeans

Beer is truly one of man’s greatest inventions. If it’s not acting as a social lubricant, it’s bringing strangers together, complimenting a meal, or increasing your chances with the fairer sex, whichever sex that may be. The list goes on and on.

Beer is also used for more obscure purposes, like adding volume to your hair and making jeans. Yep, you read that correctly. Today we’re introducing you to beer bottle jeans.

Bonobos Bottle Rockets

They’re called Bottle Rockets, and they’re made by online clothing retailer Bonobos. The jeans are comprised of 23 percent synthetic, recycled, beer-bottle yarn, and were originally designed to celebrate Earth Day.

As this can’t be done with glass, Bonobos is using the plastic beer bottles found at outdoor concert venues and sporting events. The production process begins with a company called Earthspun in North Carolina, where they shred and melt the bottles into liquid. The material is then stretched into long thin strands, blended with cotton fibers, and spun into yarn.

Bonobos Bottle Rockets

The yarn is sent to Cone Denim, where it’s turned into actual jean material. From there it’s sent to LA to be cut, sewn, and turned into pairs of pants, sold online by Bonobos at $135 per pair. There are two colors, Natural Canvas and Indigo Rinse, both of which get a stamp on the inside of the pocket to show how many bottles were used, and thus diverted from a landfill. The Natural Canvas jeans use three bottles and the Indigo use five.

I’d probably buy a pair if they weren’t so pricey.

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