Beer by Candlelight

Over the weekend I made another visit to Blue Monk for a nightcap. The place was beyond packed but my friends and I were lucky enough to snag a cozy little table in the back corner of the outside patio. Although we were in a popular part of the city, our little corner was darker than a pint of Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout (yes, I’m being corny on purpose). They had thoughtfully put a candle in a pitcher for us and I was able to get some really cool pictures when I turned my flash off.

Beer Photo at blue Monk in Buffalo

My chalice of Chimay White looked so enchanting with its dancing backlight that I just had to share.

(Also, my friends were relentlessly making fun of me for taking pictures of my beer and I felt compelled to make them eat their unkind words. Jerks!)


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