Aluminum Savings Account

I was snooping around the interweb this morning, and came upon some quite bizarre photos. According to the site, the guy who lived in this house did so for 8 years, and was thought to be the best tenant ever, since he never bothered landlords for fixes or random problems in the house. Obviously, he was keeping himself busy with other activities… Beer Cans in a House

Beer Cans in a House Beer Cans in a House

Beer Cans in a House Now, that’s a LOT of Coors Light. I mean, whoa. I imagine that whoever ended up bringing all of those back got a hefty deposit return. I guess that’s one way to put money away until you really need it – that is, if you don’t mind wading through smelly aluminum cans in the interim. [techtags:BEER, COORS, COORS LIGHT, BEER CANS, BEER CAN HOUSE, BEER NEWS]

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