Flying in the US? Plan a Layover in Chicago

Chicago’s mayor, Richard Daley, has proposed that both O’Hare and Midway start offering beer pushcarts in post-security areas of the airports, according to this article on

Chicago OHare Airport

In order to generate more revenue at the airports, besides that produced by flights alone, and to give travelers an even better experience all around, there will be at least 6 pushcarts at O’Hare and a number (yet unknown) at Midway as well.

What’s more, Mayor Daley has proposed that restaurants and bars be allowed to serve liquor 24 hours per day, instead of closing at 10 or 11pm, as they currently do.

I don’t know about you, but I think Chicago’s mayor has the right idea. Fingers crossed for proposal approval!


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  • M July 7, 2010 @ 3:17pm

    Oh goodness! I would definitely try to plan for all of my flights to go through Chi-town. But I would also love the bars open 24 hours thing. With the airports being big international airports, among others, you might land in an airport where the local time is 7am….but wherever you’re coming from it’s 3pm…so of course WANT/NEED a beer but you can’t get your hands on one b/c of the time change. I hope Chicago implements this along with all the other major airports out there.

    So Mayor Daley…If you’re reading this, please vote Yes, and then go and tell all your mayor friends out there that they should do the same thing!

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