Beer Drinking Cash Mobs – Get Into It

Cash mobs are a wonderful thing.
Locally crafted beer is a wonderful thing.

A cash mob that encourages people to get out and buy locally crafted beer is a no brainer. Oh wait, you don’t know what a cash mob is? Keep reading.

A “cash mob” is not unlike a “flash mob” – it just takes place in a store, or a restaurant, or a bar and its purpose is to support local merchants.

Chris Smith started Buffalo Cash Mob a little over a year ago after watching people (his wife included) flock to places just because they had a daily-deal-coupon. Retailers had people coming through the doors but they really weren’t making any money. A cash mob provides that Grouponish result, but the businesses don’t have to lose their asses to get the customers.

It’s simply people going out in groups (or mobs) to spend money at a business worthy of their support.

In the short amount of time the idea has been around, it’s gone global (just check out the list on the Wikipedia page) and it’s generated substantial revenue for businesses that contribute so much to our communities.

Nortel Grill

Chris Smith also happens to be one of the guys involved with Community Beer Works and tonight they’re holding a “Beer Mob” at The Nortel Grill. From 7-9 pm, Buffalonians are encouraged to descend on the Hertel Avenue Bar in mob-like droves to buy Community Beer Works brews. They’ll have a sixtel of Frank, their ridiculously drinkable American Pale Ale on hand, along with a sixtel of a special one-off Buffalo Beer Week beer and the goal is to finish both kegs (about 100 pours) in the two-hour time frame.

If you’re in Buffalo, I highly suggest you head down to the Nortel and help them out. Their beers are tasty, their cause is noble, and that bar is a piece of Buffalo history. If you’re not local, consider organizing a Beer Mob of your own to benefit one of your favorite breweries or bars.

Trust me, the warm and fuzzy feeling you get after a few pints multiplies when you’re doing something positive to help out local business.

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