Uh, Duh!

Beer trumps Books - haha An article posted on the Wall Street Journal references a study that evaluated the correlation of beer drinking and paper writing. Ummm….did we really need a study, sir? Yes, drinking lots of beer makes you publish less books! I learned this in college and here’s my thesis: If I had a 30% increase in beer consumption at a Tuesday “Mug Night”; I was 79% less likely to finishing that philosophy paper and 51% more likely to make Ramen noodles. Maybe this researcher was drinking too much Absinthe to realize some things don’t require a study. Here’s to beer! [techtags:BEER STUDY, BEER STUDIES]

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  • Hannah September 22, 2008 @ 9:15am

    Jm – HA! I love your posts. You crack me up. Thanks for that!

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