Beer Hints from Barbie

Barbie Dream HouseI remember as a little girl, there were two kinds of birthday gifts; the good ones and the great ones. Sometimes I’d get a Barbie doll that I wanted and that was good. Other times I’d get the doll, five new seasonal outfits, a matching convertible and veterinary clinic and that was really great.

I’m sure you’re curious as to why I’ve decided to bring my old friend Barbie onto this beer blog and I assure you there is a point. That point can be summarized in one word and that word is “accessorize.”

I know it isn’t the most beer-drinking man word, but you’ve gotta trust me here.

Growler Kit from KegWorksWhen it comes to taking your favorite draft beer or home brew on the go, you can buy a nice beer growler and that’d be good. You could also buy our new Growler Kit and right from the start you’ve got everything you could ever need. The accessories included in this kit will make it easier than ever to fill the growler from the tap and keep it cold and tasting great while you roam. No matter where you’re headed the insulator sleeve and reusable ice blanket will keep your beer colder, much longer.

So if you’re going to go for a beer growler (for yourself or as a gift), I recommend going for the growler with the works. When you think about it, a giant jug of beer is good but a giant insulated jug of fresh and frosty draft with no mess pretty much equates to the adult version of that dream house I never did get.


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