Beer in Mexico: Times are Changing

Just minutes ago I received an email from Rodolfo Andreu of Primus Brewery, a craft beer brewery in Mexico. He and his partner in the business, Jaime Andreu, have just recently made the front page of the business section of the most widely circulated newspaper in the Mexican Republic, Grupo Reforma. The feature itself is a clear indication that beer is changing in Mexico. Finally.

Jaime and Rodolfo Andreu of Primus Brewery
Jaime and Rodolfo Andreu of Primus Brewery; picture from Grupo Reforma

Primus Brewery is one of ten microbreweries in Mexico, fighting the good fight against the two big beer companies, who suck up all of the resources for their lower quality brews, leaving the craft brewers with only importing ingredients as their option. Importing, of course, is far too expensive for each craft brewery to do alone, so the microbrewers banned together to import mass quantities of malt and keep their heads above water.

Microbreweries in Mexico even started an alliance two years ago—the Association of Mexico Beer (Acermex)—through which they’ve created their own stores for selling craft beer. The budding industry has generated at least 1,000 new jobs both directly and indirectly. If that’s not worth toasting, I don’t know what is.

Cheers to Rodolfo and Jaime Andreu of Primus Brewery and to all of the craft brewers in Mexico! Keep on fighting the good fight, my friends. It’s well worth it and I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on some of your brews!


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