Beer Is About People (And This Post Will Tug at Your Heartstrings)

As a writer, I have a long lasting love affair with words. Over the past few years, I’ve developed an equally as passionate affection for beer.

When I came across this blog post, I felt as if the author had taken sentiments from deep within my own soul and expressed them wholly and completely, using the exact right words.

Good Friends Enjoying Beer
Good friends at the Delirium Cafe in Brussels, Belgium
Photo courtesy of Thomas Grissom

When someone reads something so impactful, things tend make sense in a whole new way. I want you to have that experience too, so while I encourage you to read the entire post, I beg you to, at the very least, read this excerpt that I couldn’t not share:

Beer is about people.

Beer is about the memories that it has the power to create. When I think about Westvleteren 12 I don’t think caramel, fig, raison, toffee, and vanilla. I think about that three hour walk through the beautiful streets of Stockholm with my uncle, desperately searching for any bottle we could get our hands on.

When I think about Founders KBS I don’t think buttery bourbon, I instead remember my dad calling me at 8 AM to tell me that he was waiting in front of the liquor store with my mom and grandparents to smuggle out as many bottles possible in consideration of that strict one per customer rule.

When I think about Bells Two Hearted Ale, I don’t think about those fresh citrus hops, I think about meeting a girl that has so much in common with me that it’s almost hard to believe. Seriously I don’t think I’ll be capable of ordering that beer without invoking a subtle recollecting smile for a long long time.

This is why I LOVE craft beer, because each ale carries a web of memories, experiences, and people that carry more value than any little bottle ever could in itself. For this reason I insist that the passion for beer ought not only to be experienced but shared. I’ve gotten much of my family and countless friends to appreciate the world of bold bubbly brews, and I hope if you’re reading this you will too. Because honestly craft beer brings people together, and there are few things in this world more important than that.

Amen, Niko.


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