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You’ve got the keg, it’s got the beer, and now all you need is the keg coupler. The keg coupler is the component used to tap into a keg of beer. There are six different types of beer keg couplers used in the world today. Which keg coupler you need depends on which brand of beer you want to drink., your source for beer keg couplers, keg refrigerators, and other bar accessories, offers many different beer keg couplers, including:

  • The US Sankey Keg Coupler, which is by far the most popular. 95 percent of the beers brewed in the United States use this beer keg coupler.
  • The German Keg Coupler, which will fit most, but not all, German-made beers. These keg couplers will fit Warsteiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner, and Spaten, but will not fit Beck’s or St Pauli Girl.
  • The European Sankey Keg Coupler, which is will fit Heineken, Amstel Light, Murphy’s Stout, New Castle, and more. This keg coupler is very similar to the US Sankey; however, the stem that goes onto the keg is longer on the European keg coupler.

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These beer keg couplers, and others, also can be customized to include features like foam detectors, which will immediately shut down the beer flow when the keg empties. The beer lines stay full at all times with these keg couplers, eliminating foam and wasted beer. Order your beer keg coupler and tap into your keg today!

US Sankey Keg Coupler
US Sankey Keg Coupler

Bass Ale Keg Coupler
Bass Ale Keg Coupler

European Sankey Keg Coupler
European Sankey
Keg Coupler


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