Beer Serves America

Next time you sit down to enjoy a pitcher or pint of cold, delicious beer, take a moment to pat yourself on the back for doing a good thing!

Beer Money GraphicI found a cool website that breaks down just how much the beer industry does for our country. Check it out at

According to Beer Serves America, the beer industry employs approximately 1.7 million Americans, paying them almost $55 billion in wages and benefits and forks over $36 billion in business, personal and consumption taxes to Uncle Sam every year.

Check out the direct impact that the beer industry makes in your state specifically and even break it down to your Congressional District. It’s pretty sweet to see what a difference beer makes and they’re probably not even including the impact of things like tap handles, drip trays or cleaning kits. Perhaps if everyone drank a little bit more beer, we could avoid this darn recession everyone is so worried about.


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