This One Is For the Ladies (and the dudes with long locks)

Hair care is important and beer can really help you pump up the volume.

Beer Shampoo RecipeBack in the 1970’s, rinsing your hair with beer was a full-blown fad. One company even manufactured a product called Body on Tap, a shampoo that contained "one-third real beer."

Today, there are a whole bunch of other beer-fortified shampoos available.

The follicle-friendly beverage contains complex carbs, which "have a hydrating effect, while proteins coat each strand, giving them more strength and elasticity."

Lon Reinertson, a stylist at SJ Hair Studio, says the hops in beer also give our tresses volume. In fact, the salon carries an Aveda volumizing tonic that features hops as a key ingredient.

Beer also smooths down the cuticle of the hair, making it super-shiny.

If you want to make your own beer shampoo, it’s actually pretty easy.

Here’s how:

1. Pour a cup of beer into a saucepan and bring it to a boil over medium heat. Boil uncovered until it reduces to ¼ cup. (This removes the alcohol, which dries out hair.)

2. Let the beer cool, then whisk it into a cup of your favorite shampoo. Store in an empty shampoo bottle.

3. Use the shampoo. Rinse and repeat.

You don’t actually have to repeat. It just seemed like the right thing to say.

I’m going to try this out. I’ll keep you posted! If beer can out-perform my $25 a can volumizing product from the salon, I’ve a whole new purpose for Bud Light.


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