My Very First Beer Swap

Last week, USA Beer Trends and I decided to have a beer swap. They’re based in Texas and I’m in New York, so there’s plenty of brews that we could share with one another; ones we simply can’t get close to our respective homes.

As you probably read in the post title (unless you’re not into that kind of thing) I was indeed a beer-swap-virgin, until this week, when I lovingly chose and packed up 3 huge bottles of delicious brews that I thought the boys would love. They are Nøgne Ø Winter Ale (an English Porter), Southern Tier Cuvée 1 (ale aged in French oak barrels, instead of American ones like the Cuvée 2) and Southern Tier Iniquity, an Imperial India Black Ale. I can hardly wait to see how USA Beer Trends dig ’em!

Gerg documented my excitement when my package arrived 🙂

Opening the box
Being careful not to cut myself, at least too deeply.
Freaking out essentially
I really do move this quickly. Nauseating, I know.
Got a Mad House Sticker
Check out the RAD Mad House sticker!
Got a Mad House T Shirt
LOVE the T shirt – great design, Larry!
Great Beers to Try
Plus 4 brews to try – can’t wait!

Holy cow. I’m so looking forward to tasting and reviewing these beers. I cannot thank Larry at USA Beer Trends enough!




  • Aaron C. March 5, 2010 @ 4:46pm

    Good stuff, but, Larry, come on, where is her bottle of (512) 2x Pecan Porter…:)

  • Knile March 5, 2010 @ 5:32pm

    Be sure you pour that Ten Fidy into a glass! It’s quite a sight.

  • Hannah March 6, 2010 @ 9:21am

    Oh I promise, I will. I’ll have pics and a review too 🙂 can’t wait!

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