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I finally unpacked and set up my TV a few days ago. Truth be known, I haven’t missed it much, but now that the DVR and TV are set up, I’m ready to set up my Season Passes again. Somewhere nestled between The Venture Brothers, The Shield (final season starts September 2nd) and Wipeout (fun, funny and excellent veg TV, btw) is The Works – a new series on the History Channel.

What prompted me to check out this show was that I caught a glimpse of an upcoming episode about beer. Here’s a brief synopsis of The Works’ upcoming Beer episode:

“Give me an hour…I’ll make you a genius!” Join host Daniel H. Wilson as he takes us on a transformative journey that reveals the extraordinary in everyday things. Mankind’s first recipe for beer, the most popular beverage on the planet, was carved in stone 10,000 years ago. Wilson sets out to find the secret to beer’s allure. Find out how it’s made and marketed and how new beers are invented and tested. Wilson even uncovers an ecological time bomb threatening to make beer an endangered species!

Beer TVFrom its mysterious roots in ancient culture, beer (and beer-making) has evolved from a mood-enhancing beverage to a passionate and legitimate hobby and is recognized worldwide as one of the important steps in the establishment, development, and technological advancement of civilization itself.

The History Channel will be running several in-depth shows about beer, including:

“American Eats: Beerhead” – The proper way to present and pour beer.

“Modern Marvels: Brewing Beer” – A look at the brewing process for beer; and

“Modern Marvels: Distilleries, Part II” – An extended look at the beer making process from start to finish.

If you’re searching for greater meaning and the deeper historical significance of beer, look no further than your TV.

The Works airs Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT. Check it out.


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