Beer Worthy of a Light

MicrobrewsWith the dramatic rise in the distribution and popularity of quality microbrews Cigarsand imported European beers there has also been an evolution in how these beers are enjoyed. Pairing these fine brews with quality hand-rolled (hecho a mano) cigars from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua or Honduras, to name a few, is also on the rise. In the past, cigars were reserved for a single-malt scotch or cognac. However, today with the availability of such a variety of quality beers – from Hefeweizens to Belgian Ales, Pale Ales to Oatmeal Stouts and everything in between – we no longer have to sacrifice enjoying our favorite smoke because we don’t want to waste it on a Bud. Come back next week as I start pairing up smokes and brews. Feel free to respond with pairings that have worked for you, I am always looking to try new combinations!

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