Beer Smarts

Beer Smarts - The Game

BeerSmarts is the beer game that makes enjoying beer even more fun!

Do you know a porter from a stout? Or a lager from an ale? Pop open BeerSmarts and find out everything about your favorite beverage.

Beer lovers—grab your friends, pick a card and find out: What makes a beer skunky? What’s a lambic beer? Where is the oldest brewery in America? Then, open the BeerTips guide and discover places to travel around the world to create your own Beer Tour, the steps to making beer, great beer drinks, beer and food pairing and more.

Each BeerSmarts contains:

  • 60 BeerSmarts Question and Answer Cards: True-false and multiple choice question and answer cards will quench your thirst for knowledge on the history, culture, and brewing of all your favorite beers.
  • 16-page BeerTips Guide: This small guide is overflowing with useful information on how beer is made, descriptions of various types of beers, famous breweries to visit around the world, ideas on how to host a beer tasting, and a brief history of beer.

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