Beers and Bicycles, A Match Made in Portland

A friend of mine has this saying when he thinks something is really cool. He says “It doesn’t stop.” Conversely, when something sucks, he says “That stops.”

Portland, Oregon doesn’t stop. Aside from sitting atop 32 dormant volcanoes and being home to some of the only Theater Pubs (free movies so long as you’re drinking) in the US, they even have their own TV series, Portlandia, which gives its audience an inside look at what life in Portland is all about. What I’m getting at with all of this is that Portland is pretty sweet and as my friend would say, they just don’t stop.

On top of those other really rad random facts, Portland is also home to the world renowned pizzeria, Old Town Pizza. For close to eight years, Portland’s pizza pioneers have been delivering their pies by pedal, and not too long ago, Old Town launched a new craft brewery and announced that they’ll be delivering their beers by bike as well.

Beer Bikes in Portland

Beer Bike in Portland

Portland has been named by “Bicycling Magazine” as one of the top ten cycling communities in the United States, and many publications have also given the city credit for its craft beer culture. So it seems beers and bikes are a pair destined to be together in the city.

Kegs and 64-ounce growlers of Pale Ale, IPA, Stout, Irish Red, Winter Ale, Porter and Pilsner will all be available on the bikes. The delivery service will only be offered to businesses within 2 miles of the breweries, so I’d assume the property values around the two locations might start to skyrocket in the very near future here.

Ride Bikes Drink Beer

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