Beers of the World

Alright, so I am totally psyched up for next week…. I’m taking my very first week-long vacation since 2005, so it’s long overdue. This vacation is the epitome of vacations – I have no specific destination, and plan to completely relax for its entire duration…. ahhhh…. summer vacation.

Here’s the best part of all… to prep for my impending play time, I made the hour and a half journey to Rochester, to a great little store called Beers of the World. Upon entering, I was overwhelmed with beer, glorious beer, from every part of the globe. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. I headed straight to the section full of Irish brews, to get myself some Imported Guinness Extra Stout – you know, the super extra stout – the one we can’t just get anywhere here in the states? Oh yeah, I’m truly a stout girl at heart. I love them all, and filled my basket with quite a few. Of course, it’s not every day I take a drive to Beers of the World, so I made sure to get some suggested by friends – some Franziskaner, Kostriker, Ayinger and Schwelmer, to name a few.
My Beers from Beers of the World

I’ve only tried one of my new brews so far. The Young’s Double Chocolate Stout poured deep, dark brown with a high, tan head. It had a rich, dark, bittersweet chocolate flavor, especially apparent at the end of the sip. I definitely look forward to enjoying more of this stout in the days to come.

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