Beers with Gates, Crowley and Obama

Ok, let’s talk about Gates, Crowley & Obama!

Naw, not the way you might be thinking. We are about beer here at KegWorks.

As everyone knows, our busy pres invited Skip Gates and Jim Crowley to the White House for a beer. Now is that cool or what? I mean the invite, not the why.

From what I’ve heard, the beers these guys quenched their thirst with are as far apart as their opinions. Gates enjoyed Sam Adams Light. Crowley drank Blue Moon, a Belgian-style wheat ale. Obama had Bud Light, the best selling beer in America.

Does the type of beer you drink say what type of person you are? I think how you act after you drink is a better reflection. What’s your thought?

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  • M August 7, 2009 @ 12:30pm

    Personally…I voted for How you carry yourself. But there is an exception to every rule. Lets say, for example, you’re drinking a Genny Light. If you’re drinking that…then you’re a weirdo and I don’t want to talk to you. Other than something like that, then it doesn’t really matter.

  • ed August 7, 2009 @ 1:19pm

    I think I’m in the same boat as “M”. You can’t really judge a book by its cover – or the person by their beer for that matter. On either end of the spectrum, you never know if that person is being a snob and showing off or if they’re just a genuinely good person, but are living on a tight budget.

    Either way, “M” – I personally think OV Splits would beat Genny Light hands-down in a creepiness showdown – if it still existed. (((shudder)))

  • Peter August 7, 2009 @ 1:43pm

    Ed, I don’t know about OV Splits being particularly “creepy”. If I could get them I would drink them. I do know I have been loving the 8oz mini bottles of Miller High Life this summer. 8 of those in bucket of ice is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon on my porch watching the world go by.

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