BEERsimple’s Thoughts on Savor

There’s a blog I subscribe to called BEERsimple. The author is a guy by the name of Chris and he happens to love two of my favorite things, beer and photography.

Chris’ latest post is on Savor, the country’s premier craft beer and food-pairing event. For the first time, the event was two days instead of one. Both nights had 2,000 ticketed attendees (although Chris thinks there were a lot more) and everything took place at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. Guests enjoyed 144 different beers from 72 breweries and each one came with a small food pairing.

Savor Ticket

Chris reports there were fancy cheeses, chocolates and a raw oyster bar set up as well. Tickets were a cool $110 each, including as many samples and pairings as you wanted, a tasting glass, event program and an exit gift (a daring and original collaboration beer from Jim Koch and my main man Sam Calagione!) There were also extra sessions (discussions, private tastings, that kind of stuff) for an additional price.

Savor Flowers

I encourage you to check out BEERsimple’s post for his candid review. Considering I was not at the event myself, I can’t review it in good conscience but Chris does such a nice job, I’m entirely confident you’ll find his overview helpful. Here’s what I took away from his notes:

1. It’s not your average beer festival – not as many craft beers, more of an “in” event that people attend to see and be seen
2. The beer is great and there’s a lot of it
3. The food was a letdown (I can’t say I’m surprised. My thought is that whenever you’re mass producing quantities like that and trying to do most of it ahead of time, quality is going to be sacrificed)
4. While the actual event may not be quite worth the ticket price, the additional happenings at the beer bars around DC are worth making a trip

Thanks to Chris for the honest and concise review! If you’ve been to the event and you agree, disagree or have something to add – feel free to comment on our blog or his.

Photographs courtesy of Chris of BEERsimple.

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