The Best of Belgium

I fully intended, last night, to resume my weekly visits to Scarlet. Once I arrived home from work, though, I decided I did not want to leave. To be honest, I haven’t seen much of my apartment in the last 3 weeks. Last night seemed like a perfect night to enjoy time with myself. And what better way to celebrate some much needed me-time than with beer and chocolate?

I made a stop over at the Village Beer Merchant, one of the newest beer and fine food stores here in Buffalo, and just a few blocks from my home. The selection of brews – and chocolate, for that matter – is fantastic. A stockpile of smooth, Belgian chocolate caught my eye immediately. I knew right then and there that that was exactly what I wanted. The next question was, which beer to pair it with?
Ommegang Abbey Ale and Belgian Chocolate
Normally, when indulging in chocolate and beer – especially if enjoying dark chocolate – I tend toward the stout side of things. Imperial and oatmeal stouts always pair great with dark chocolate. But this was Belgian chocolate, and I wanted to imbibe in something other than a stout (for once). So, I made a beeline for the Belgian Abbey Ales. I’ve tried a number of these in the past, and although it’s not actually in Belgium, the Ommegang Brewery of NY makes a most fantastic Abbey Ale. You may have read Pete’s review of Ommegang Abbey Ale a few months ago.

The deep, rich, dark, malty roasted brew was a perfect match to my Belgian chocolate – so much so that I most definitely over-indulged. That took care of my chocolate craving, at least for a little while.



  • Deron June 12, 2008 @ 11:10am

    Hannah, nice post on this. Have you read Garrett Oliver’s book ‘The Brewmaster’s Table’? It is a must read for anyone.

  • Hannah June 12, 2008 @ 12:20pm

    Deron – thanks! I have not yet read that book. I’ll have to pick it up, perhaps this weekend. Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for stopping by the blog!

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