Belgium Meets Nicaragua – In Buffalo?!

This weekend I was finally able to get some R & R. After a busy couple of weeks and a weekend out of town, I was able to sit on my back patio on Saturday evening. I made a fire, left my cell phone in the house and grabbed myself a nice cool beer (Not ice cold, since I wanted to really be able to taste this specialty Belgian). Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series ImperialThat’s right, I treated myself to Kapittel Pater, Brown, Abbey Ale. Not only does this beer taste refreshing, with hints of fruit and a pleasant outdoor smokiness, it is not overpowering. It doesn’t have to be preceded by a large steak and potato dinner…although that is never a bad idea.

After a couple of sips, I didn’t think this evening could get any better. Then, I remembered my humidor was next to me! I decided to pull out a classic, the Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Imperial, maduro. I have to tell you, cutting these things is hard to do. They are such a perfect looking smoke – a nice box press, dark oily wrapper. They are just brilliant to look at. Anyway, these smoke like a gem and are worth every penny you spend on them. The ash is tight and snow white. The taste is unique and complex – chocolate, nuts and hints of spice combine to make a wonderful experience. Amazingly, none of the flavors dominate the smoke, it is as if they take turns giving you the best of each world. I don’t know if I will have another opportunity like this this year, living in Buffalo… I may be skiing next weekend.


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