Best Prank Ever: Replacing All of Your Buddy’s Tap Water with Beer

After working at KegWorks for almost six years I’ve heard my fair share of cheesy beer tap jokes, many of which involve someone saying that they’d like to have beer appear whenever they turn on the kitchen sink.

Typically I just chuckle and roll my eyes because it has always seemed like a pretty ridiculous notion – but today I must apologize.

Beer Faucet Prank

A few genius guys in New Zealand actually made that whole “beer on tap from every faucet” thing happen. Also, it was done as a brilliantly orchestrated prank. Additionally, I’d really like to be their friend.

The exceptionally thoughtful (and very funny) group of mates convinced an Auckland-based brewery named Tui to sponsor them and donate a whole bunch of beer. Then, they spent a considerable amount of time hiding the kegs under their friend Russ’ floorboards and switching out all of the plumbing in his house, so that whenever he turned on a faucet beer was dispensed.

Even better, they rigged up an entire network of hidden cameras to catch all of his reactions as he learned, room by room, that the tap water in his house was no longer tap water – but instead, draft beer.

That means that we can all get in on the fun, and I suggest that you do – by watching it all unfold below. If the idea happens to inspire you, we’ve got plenty of beer line in stock. (Just sayin’…)

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