4 Better Ways to Play Beer Pong

My guess is that most people reading our blog, at one time or another, have played beer pong. Whether the thought takes you back to a miserable moment in some frat house basement, or a glorious summer on your bestie’s back deck, the game of beer pong is now a permanent American pastime.

I personally love pong. I took a little break from the game after college, but I recently began playing with some friends again, and I can’t get enough of it. But the standard table with cups can grow a bit old, and sometimes you need to switch things up. I’ve got three ideas to help with that. Check ‘em out.

1. PortOPong Pool Beer Pong Table

Last summer, my friends and I spent the 4th of July in the pool. After a number of drinks, we decided we wanted to play beer pong. But we were loving the pool, and wanted to stay in. So we took a large raft and threw it into the water upside down. We found an old door, placed it on top of the raft, and tried to set up the game on the door. It didn’t work. The cups kept tipping, and the height wasn’t right. We needed the PortOPong. This year we’ll be prepared.

2. Beer Pong Master Arcade Machine

Oftentimes, I’m out at a bar, and I get the urge to play, but there’s no where or way to do it. Enter the Beer Pong Master machine. This new machine sets up with 10 empty, lit-up cups, and works like this: You insert your credit card or a game coin, and chose between 1 – 4 players. Every time you sink a cup, the light on that cup goes off, so you know where you need to shoot.

Only problem with the Beer Pong Master: there’s no booze involved, although according to FoodBeast, the machine’s developers have a few ideas to remedy that problem. Bar owners could set in-game scores to beat and reward players with pitchers of beer, or players could simply have a beer next to them and drink as the cups are sank. The machine is is still in development, so we’re not quite sure where or when you’ll find these just yet.

3. Pong Islands


Beer pong and tailgating pretty much go hand in hand. The same goes for camping. But it’s a giant pain to travel with a table, and that’s where the Pong Islands come in. Their sleek, collapsable design makes them perfect for any on-the-go gameplay situation.

4. BasketPong

I think the title and the picture speak for themselves, but in case you don’t get it, BasketPong is a mix of basketball and beer pong. The backboard has eight slots to insert the cup holder rims, so you can arrange your cups in different patterns. Standard rules apply, but there’s tons of room for adding new rules as well.

The game is available in half court or full, and it’s sure to set your next beer pong party apart.

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