Bitter Root Brewing Nut Brown Ale

Bitter Root Brewing Nut Brown Ale hails from Hamilton, Montana and, unfortunately, I cannot find its ABV listed anywhere; not on the bottle, not on their website, not anywhere online. So, we’ll have to go without.

Bitter Root Nut Brown Ale

This ale poured deep brown with a glimmer of ruby, but quite thin. The finger of head disappeared almost immediately. I expected a lot of nutty character in the nose but was treated to a bready malt character instead; very much like unbaked bread. Surprisingly it wasn’t too sweet smelling, like many brown ales I’ve enjoyed.

Its body was very smooth but rather light – I’d say medium thin, with light yet lively carbonation. The bready malt continued in the flavor, but much sweeter than the aroma let on. There was a hint of nuts here too, but not as much as I would’ve expected for the style. While there was no bitterness whatsoever in this brew, it did have a bit of a dry finish.

I wouldn’t seek out this beer again. It wasn’t horrid but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it.


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