Bloody Mary Peanuts? Yes, Please!

Let’s face it guys. Nothing goes better with a frosty brew or two than a handful of something delicious that you can shove into your face over and over again. Chips, pretzels, any of those weird mystery mixes of crunchy things that they put out at bars, Bloody Mary peanuts…wait. Hold on a second. Bloody Mary peanuts? Whaaaaattttttt?

That’s right friends. Lord Nut Levington Bloody Mary Peanuts. They’re zesty. They’re spicy. They’re probably the byproduct of a feverish night of spell-casting from some sort of Flavor Wizard who was about to retire and wanted one last glorious achievement before he rode off into the sunset. And we’ve got ‘em here at KegWorks. Here are three things you need to know before you grab your own can of deliciousness:

Lord Nut Bloody Mary Peanuts

Ain’t that a handsome can of nuts?

1. We got to sample a can around the office. Results ranged from a polite “No thanks, I have a nut allergy,” from our resident picky eater/eBay crusader all the way up to “Must. Eat. More.” from his father, a man who will try anything once (and who also happens to be our resident IT Director). I’d say that everyone that actually tried them ended up going back for a second taste. Can’t ask for more of a victory than that.

Two Ciroccos, One Can of Nuts

KegWorks’ IT Director, J2, and his son/one of our eBay ninjas, Bill.

2. They really, really taste like a Bloody Mary. I mean, it’s eerie (and awesome). My palate barely made it through middle school but the flavor is so distinctive that I’m pretty sure I could detect subtle notes of Worchestershire sauce. Pop one into your mouth and it really freaks you out for a second. And then makes you think you’d like to pop in a few dozen more and take a warm nap in your Happy Place.


Lord Nut Bloody Mary Peanuts In An Open Can

George Washington Carver, eat your heart out.

3. They’re under five bucks. I honestly had to double check that before I included it here because these are some uniquely gourmet peanuts that I thought might have been out of Abe Lincoln’s league. They’re truly a one-of-a-kind bar snack that we haven’t seen the likes of since back when Brooklyn Brine’s Hop Pickles first hit our radar.

You want my advice? If you like peanuts, or Bloody Marys, or unexpected taste sensations that will have your friends saying “Where did you get these?” pick up a can for yourself by clicking HERE. I’m pretty sure you’ll want to high five the Flavor Wizard.


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