Blow-Up Beer Toys

Summer is full of fantastic times. Most of which you have to get off your lazy butt and make happen! Seriously, do you need to watch another re-run of American Idol or your DVR’ed last Lost episode? Here’s a quick recap. They are dead and so are most of the careers from American Idol. Now you’re ready to go outside.

What you really need now is a way to make it happen. Anytime. Anyplace. You need inflatables and lots of them (plus you can con your buddies into buying beer since you were the responsible one for bringing all the other stuff).

Guinness Inflatable Beer Cooler

Guinness. You know it and love it. Plus, instant credibility for good beer choice. Guinness makes an inflatable cooler that you can stow in your trunk next to the battery jumper cables (does anyone use those road flares you get for Christmas anyways? Throw them in your garage.)

Guinness Inflatable Beer Cooler

Next up is an inflatable pool beer pong set. Impress your friends with the finesse of a finely placed shot and then tell them to get you another beer from the inflatable cooler, because you were the responsible one to keep all of this fun wadded up in your trunk.

Inflatable Beer Pong Set

Finally use some sunscreen. I could tell you where to go to get it, but your buddy should be able to find it for you. About 2 aisles over from the beer coolers. You’re welcome.


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