Blue Margaritas are Bad Bad News

So, I know I said I have been in to martinis, but the warm weather creeping in makes me change my tune. I drive faster, turn the music louder, and add some skip to my step.

On Friday, in preparation for an early Saturday of KegWorks moving, I decided to stay in, have a drink in the yard and make an early night of it.

Blue MargaritasSo, around 5:30 I popped into my cocktail books in search of a new cocktail recipe. A few new recipes piqued my interest, but my Friday evening ants-in-the-pants quickly set in, and I decided to scrap the book and just see what struck me in the aisle of the liquor store.

Off to the store, I went. Passed the wine, to the liquor. Hmm…what would it be? My good ol’ friend Captain? Nah. A new Vodka? Nope. Then, the tequilas started speaking to me. Cuervo was calling my name. Margaritas! Perfect.

In the cart went the Cuervo, followed by a bottle of sweet and sour mix, Grand Marnier and blue curacao. (I am well aware that the blue curacao was not a must, but I had just thumbed through my cocktail books and every drink that was catching my eye was blue. So, in the cart, for fun.)

Added some chips and salsa to the mix and we were good to go.

Back home, got out the brand new margarita set that has been in my basement since Christmas, and started filling the pitcher. Salted my rims and we were all set for a relaxing night of Mancala in the yard. A night which quickly turned into a um…hmmm…uhh… I don’t remember.

It might have been that extra kick of Grand Marnier, the refreshing lure of the blue curacao, or the empty pitcher. Not sure.

Regardless, here is my recipe for summer-fun margaritas. Try it with caution:

3 oz Cuervo Gold
3 oz sweet and sour mix
1 oz Grand Marnier
1 oz blue curacao

Add all ingredients to a shaker. Salt the rim of your Margarita glass, and pour over ice. Serve with chips and salsa.

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