Botanical Bacon: The Next Big Bar Snack?

Bacon is freaking delicious – which is precisely why everyone uses it to make other foods more awesome.

Whether you wrap things in it, reuse its gelatinous fat for flavor (which is both disgusting and amazing at the same time), or simply crumble some up and sprinkle it on top, bacon is more or less guaranteed to make everything it touches significantly better.

That being said, bacon is always giving, giving, giving! It’s either standing on its own or selflessly elevating other foods to new flavor heights. Until last week, I hadn’t ever heard anyone talk about how to help bacon achieve new levels of greatness.

Now, that may be because many people think that bacon is perfect just the way it is, but as someone who subscribes to the belief that there is always room for improvement (or at least some interesting variation) I was excited when our friends at Hella Bitter posted the forthcoming recipe and photo on their Instagram account.

Finally, something to make bacon better and/or delicious in a different way!

Salty, sweet, botanical bacon made with cocktail bitters? Sign me up!

6 pieces your favorite bacon
6 tablespoons brown sugar (one per strip)
1 pinch of salt
6 dashes of Hella Bitter Aromatic

1. In a bowl combine the brown sugar, pinch of salt and 6 healthy dashes of Aromatic bitters

2. Toss with your fingers until evenly mixed

3. Add uncooked bacon to bowl and combine until all sugar is absorbed

4. Lay bacon on baking sheet and bake at 400ºF until desired done-ness (takes about 15 minutes but you should check every 5)

I admittedly haven’t made this intriguing bacon snack just yet but doing so is officially at the top of my list of priorities. I honestly can’t imagine it being anything short of wonderful. In fact, I’m already confident in saying, “if this isn’t the ultimate bar snack, I don’t know what is.”

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