Bottom’s Up: 12 Great Reasons to Have a Drink This Year

Sure it’s time for the Oktoberfest celebrations to start, but if you look hard enough, you can celebrate all year round with traditional and non-traditional holidays alike!

Oktoberfest Beer Boot

January: New Years! I know that technically New Years Eve is when the party starts, but it ends on New Years Day – and besides my birthday is not a national holiday yet, so until it is, we’ll have to celebrate this minor event 🙂 Have some Champagne to celebrate and don’t forget your wild hibiscus flowers. Really nice effect!

February: Mardi Gras! A mobile holiday that is celebrated from Epiphany until Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday which is of course 40 days before Easter (carry the 3…) Anyways, huge floats, parades and lots of beads! Have a Hurricane for us!

March: St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrated the 17th of March, this raucous holiday keeps the Irish drinking Guinness all day long! Originally named for the Saint that introduced the shamrock to heathens to explain the holy trinity, today there are countless parades and is typically one of the busiest days of the year for bars and restaurants in the US.

April: Spring Break! Beer Pong it!

May: Cinco de Mayo! This holiday is often confused with Mexican independence day, but actually commemorates Mexico’s unlikely victory over the vastly superior French Army in the Battle of Puebla. Celebrate heartily with a Margarita and I personally recommend fried cactus!

June: Midsummer’s Eve! This holiday is not really celebrated in the US, but in Europe this ties into Summer Solstice. Bonfires were lit to ward off spirits long ago, but today you can enjoy a refreshing lawnmower beer next to a bonfire party instead.

July: American Independence Day! Drink a Budweiser and share in the patriotism!

August: Celebrate St. Arnold, the Patron Saint of Brewers! This Austrian gentleman traveled far and wide urging people to drink beer, not water during the days of the plague, pox and vermin! Sound advice indeed!

September: Oktoberfest, of course! This is a 16 to 18 day long tradition that runs up to the first Sunday in October. This Year is the 200th Year Jubilee of the event that Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen decided to celebrate their marriage by organizing a huge horse race. Munich and the rest of the world has celebrated this event ever since with steins of Bavarian beer and hearty food!

October: Halloween! Many historians believe it started out as the Celtic festival of Samhain which was a summer’s end festival which the border of this world and the next became thin and allowed spirits to pass through (good and bad). The Celts honored their ancestors and warded off harmful spirits during this time. Eventually “guising” became popular in the 19th century and the term “trick or treat” was first printed in 1927. Now it’s a wonderful time to drink holiday ciders and carve pumpkins.

November: Thanksgiving Eve. The day before all of the wonderful family time that you will be spending… Drink up.

December: Christmas! Warm wishes and holiday cheer! This wintery holiday deserves the warmest wishes and some Glogg, stat! Warm up your insides with hot drinks and prepare for the wonderful holidays ahead, next year!


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