Brand Spankin’ New Bitters

We’re always on the lookout for the newest and greatest mixers to add to our cocktail arsenal and yours. The most recent additions to our collection are some amazing cocktail bitters flavors guaranteed to kick your cocktails up at least a notch.

Bittermans and Bokers Bitters at KegWorks

First, five new flavors from Bittermens out of Brooklyn, NY. From what we’ve tasted, these guys know flavor:

Bittermens Burlesque Bitters
An enticing mix of hibiscus, açai and long pepper for a one of a kind flavor that’s sweet, spicy a tad tart and perfect in Italian amaros, Mexican tequila, British gin and Caribbean rum.

Bittermens Boston Bittahs
A cleverly named unique combination of citrus and chamomile, perfect for effervescent summer drinks mixed with scotch, pisco or even champagne.

Bittermens ‘Elemakule Tiki Bitters
This tropical blend of cinnamon, allspice and distinctive island spices will find itself at home in most any rum cocktail.

Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit Bitters
Intensely unique, this bitters combines tart grapefruit with Pacific Northwest hops. A perfect addition to cocktails mixed with blanco tequila, white rum and gin.

Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters
Perfect for whiskeys and dark rums, this blend of cacao, cinnamon and spices is the original Mexican chocolate bitters.

Next up are three bitters flavors from Dr. Adam Elmegirab. Each bottle of bitters is lovingly handmade in Scotland for an unparalleled cocktail experience.

Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Boker’s Bitters
A reproduction of the recipe from their original founder John G. Boker, Boker’s Bitters have deep roots, enhancing cocktails since 1828. This blend of over-proof spirits, herbs, spices, caramel and seven botanicals including orange peel, quassia bark, catechu, cardamom and mallow flowers, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another cocktail bitters quite like it.

Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Dandelion & Burdock Bitters
Add the classic British Dandelion and Burdock flavor profile to any cocktail with just a few drops. Blend includes a mix of dandelion root, burdock root, fresh ginger, citrus peel and star anise.

Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Spanish Cocktail Bitters
This unique blend is like nothing we’ve seen before. The complex handmade recipe using layers of chamomile, citrus, spice, violet, and berries is another reproduction of a recipe from the 1800’s. See what amazingness you can mix up with a few added drops.

Have you had your hands on these already? Tell us about the cocktails you’ve concocted. We’d love to try them!


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