Makers Mark, Urban Outfitters & Comedy Central Mock Politics & Exploit Parties

Maker's Mark Party

"It’s time to mix things up, because it is what it isn’t."

This is the slogan for the 2012 Cocktail Party, a comical campaign designed not only to promote Maker’s Mark Bourbon, but to encourage the country to step away from the partisan politics and rally around something uniquely American – bourbon whiskey. Sounds about right.

James Carville and Mary Matalin, the well known American political consultants (who just happen to be from opposing parties and married to one another) announced their official support of the campaign and appear together in some of the party propaganda seen below.

Opposites must sometimes attract, as Mr. Carville is a renowned liberal, and his wife, Matalin, an acclaimed conservative. Carville said there’s no end in sight to the party squabbling and he believes "we should all just kick back, relax, and have a drink." In accordance, his wife said, "For once, I agree with James. It’s time to bring the masses together and enjoy some Maker’s Mark."

In an age (and election year) where political rhetoric from both sides is full of sound bytes and double entendres, it’s nice to finally find a political party that is and does everything it says it is and does – party.

Urban Outfitters and Comedy Central joined forces and took a similar approach with their Indecision 2012 campaign.

Urban Outfitters Party

Feel free to comment on the idea, products, or ads – just don’t get too political. We’d rather focus on the party too.

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