Brazilian Beer Brand Wants to Make Soccer An Official Religion

There’s nothing worse than a big game or match scheduled during your work shift. At one time or another, we’ve all been in this compromising professional position. Whether you stream the audio on your phone, tablet, or computer and simply listen; go to the bathroom and sit on your makeshift throne; or sneak out of work and head to the bar, you’re doing something “wrong.” You’re breaking the rules, and if caught, you’ll likely find yourself in some shit.


What if you were allowed to take the day off for the game? No questions, no used vacation time, no sneaking around to catch a couple minutes here and there. Just tell your superior, “The game’s on, boss, so I’m off today.” Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Well, if you’re reading from Brazil, you may soon experience this monumental moment in sports history. Of course if you’re reading from there, or you’re a fan of soccer at all, you know that the World Cup is starting very soon. Many of these matches are held during the day, and a pair of Brazilian soccer fans came up with a solution for fans riddled with concern about missing daytime matches.

You see, Brazil has a Freedom of Religion Law which lets citizens get out of work and other commitments to observe their religious beliefs. Foca Beer is claiming that football (soccer) is very much a religion, and thus, the fans are followers, the stadiums are churches and temples, and the beer, in this case, Foca, is holy water.

It sounds far-fetched; maybe even a joke. No one’s exactly sure. They do have a website set up where fans can fill out a form, and the program sends a note to their boss, informing them that the employee needs time off to worship during the most important holiday of his/her religion.

Check out the ad for more info below:

Is it all a hoax? A joke? I personally think so, as I couldn’t find a legitimate website for Foca beer anywhere (aside from the “soccer as religion” website), and the gentlemen at the beginning of the video say they’re “launching a new beer.” I’m sure if this is a serious attempt, some viewers will certainly be offended. If not, expect American beer brands to follow close behind.

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