Breaking the Mold

Forget everything you know about drinking Corona. The commercials, the ads, and the yuppies at the bar – they all have it wrong. The best way to drink a Corona is with a shot of grenadine. That’s right, the cherry flavored syrup. Crack open a bottle of ice cold Corona and carefully pour Partagas Spanish Rosado Cigarsone shot, no more, of grenadine into the beer. NO LIME required. Ask for it at your favorite patio bar, or try it at home. People will look at you funny and the bartender may double check to make sure he heard you right, but by the end of the night you won’t be the only one doing it. It adds a subtle cherry flavor to your beer; it won’t overpower it, but will compliment it. Some of you gentlemen out there may be a little skeptical about sipping on pink beer. However, when you pull out your Partagas Spanish Rosado, (any size will do because they are all exquisite) you are going to look like a pro. And don’t be surprised if you are approached, not only by cigar aficionados, but also by the group of pretty ladies sitting at the other end of the bar, dying to know what you’re drinking.

Back to the Partagas Spanish Rosado, this cigar is aptly named for the reddish hue taken on by its Honduran wrapper. The cigar is filled with an intoxicating blend of Dominican, Mexican and Honduran tobaccos that make the cigar more of a medium-bodied smoke. Don’t let that scare you; it is ultra smooth, full of cinnamon flavor with hints of sweetness that blend perfectly with Corona with grenadine. Others have found this cigar a bit spicy, but I haven’t found that to be true. Try it yourself let me know what you think. I know that every one I have had I have smoked right down to my fingertips without any harshness.


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