Breckenridge Has More Funny Ads on Tap

Last week we posted what we thought was a hilarious “Truth in Beervertising” ad from the very clever folks at Breckenridge Brewery. We were thirsty for more (wondering how many puns one blog post can contain, are you? Prepare to be amazed) and after viewing the other three ads, we take great pleasure in reporting that they’ve officially raised the bar with this campaign. Whoever drafted the scripts for these things is one smooth hoperator. We can’t help but wonder what else they’ve got brewing… perhaps we’ll ponder it over a bottle of their Pandora’s Bock later. Here’s the Gravity Activated Pouring System spot to get you started. Enjoy! [techtags:BRECKENRIDGE BREWERY, BEER ADS, CRAFT BEER ADS, FUNNY BEER ADS]

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