BrewDog Launches Abstrakt (and what's sure to be a lesson of supply and demand)

When a box of BrewDog beers showed up at our office last week, we weren’t just excited- we were grown adults all wound up like a 10 year old on the last day of school. Not only had we heard great things about the beer, we couldn’t wait to tell our friends that we’d had it.

BrewDog is a Scottish brewery and their revolutionary beers aren’t exactly easy to come by here in the good old US of A. They’re known for their blatant disregard for any kind of standards and their affinity for innovation.

On April 16th, they will undoubtedly increase their mystique and the demand for their products with the launch of their new beer brand, Abstrakt Concept Beer. According to their new website,, each bold new beer they brew will be a one-time deal. Only a small amount of each very limited edition batch will be sold and the beers will not be named, only branded by a release number.

BrewDog Abstrakt

According to the company, these brews are "more art than beer." Abstrakt will brew "directional, boundary pushing beers; blurring distinctions and transcending categories." All of the beers will be packaged in half champagne bottles with a cork finish and the beer inside will be bottle conditioned, making these limited edition bottles even more ideal for collecting (and aging).

The first batch (Batch AB:01) will feature 3200 numbered bottles of what’s rumored to be a 10.2% vanilla bean infused Belgian Quad. According to the website, future releases will include a 19% Imperial Stout aged in a whiskey cask with raspberries, an "insanely hoppy" 15% Red Ale and a strawberry and black pepper oak aged Imperial Ale.

You’ll only find Abstrakt beers at a few select retailers. As far as we know, it’ll be available online with a few of the bottles making their way to stores in Sweden, Italy and Australia. The website also says there may be a few additional select retailers but we can only hope that one of those will be somewhere in North America. The cost seems reasonable (£9.99 per bottle with quantity discounts available) but there will most certainly be an urgency to get your hands on a bottle so I’m willing to bet people will be paying much more than sticker price. The hype generated already seems to be enough to move those 3200 bottles rather quickly. Wonder how much a complete set will sell for on eBay in 10 years…


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