Tempest in Beer Bottle

BrewDog Tokyo BeerHere is an interesting article highlighting the differences between beer culture in the UK and USA, revolving around some controversy created by one of BrewDog Brewery in Fraserburgh, Scotland’s craft beers.

The article concerns Tokyo, a 12% alcohol-by-volume strong aged stout and the protests it has generated from health campaigners across the UK. Apparently, there are few beers that strong brewed in Scotland and anti-alcohol do-gooders in Scotland see this beer as promoting binge drinking amongst young people.

I, and I am sure many reading this, will find this strange since many craft beers in the US are as strong or stronger. These strong and expensive beers are not the brew of choice for the American binge drinker, who seems to prefer lots of cheap, watery, lower alcohol lager. I would guess that the same holds true for Scottish binge drinkers as well.


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