Brew Review: Southern Tier 2XSMASH

2XSMASH is Southern Tier Brewery’s latest single-malt, single-hop IPA. It’s brewed with citrusy Mosaic hops that, according to the brewery, work “absolutely brilliantly” with rich Special Pale malt.

Southern Tier recommends drinking 2XSMASH with roasted chicken, smoked brisket, sharp cheeses, and very sweet desserts. But is it a good beer? The members of our tasting panel took on the challenge of making that determination. Here are their findings.

Southern Tier 2XSMASH
8.1% ABV


Descriptors in this category ranged from “pale orange” to “deep golden.” Tasters agreed it was nearly perfectly clear, with a moderate, off-white head.


Fruity and tropical notes–specifically passion fruit and guava–with hints of grapefruit were detected, along with a certain bready quality.


Malty and bready with huge, citrusy hop flavor.


Medium- to full-bodied with a detectable creaminess and moderate carbonation.

Final Verdict

Among a panel, there is sure to be disagreement. One taster remarked, “This beer is amazing. If I was alone on a desert island forever, this is the beer I would take.” Another described it as just okay. That same taster is a pretty ardent Mosaic detractor, calling it “stinky,” so it seems unlikely he would be a big fan. The rest were somewhere in the middle, with one saying he would drink it again, depsite it not being his favorite. Another appreciated it’s bold Mosaic flavor but admitted there was a limit to how much of it she could drink given its strong profile.

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