Thank You, BrewDog: A Beer Tasting

BrewDog Beers

As some of you social media type people may know already, we had a beer/jam tasting last night after work. All of the dedicated KegWorkers slaved away after hours forced to try horribly wonderful craft beers and dastardly delicious jams. Such is our lives… 🙂

BrewDog Brewery and Luxardo came up big with some great tastes and solid flavors. The irreverent BrewDog foursome consisted of Hardcore IPA, Punk IPA, 5 a.m. Saint, and Dogma; all nice beers.

pouring BrewDog

BrewDog Hardcore IPAMy favorite was the Hardcore IPA. I enjoyed the hops, but it had enough malty goodness to offset and smooth this very drinkable IPA. It also had my favorite write up on the back of the bottle, just a nice little thing that lets me know they care enough about this beer to talk about it, but aren’t complete beer snobs and don’t take everything in life way too seriously.

Next came the Luxardo Jams. Apricot, Prune, and of course Cherry (same cherries as their cocktail garnish variety) and they were packaged up in the same gourmet style jar, with the same close attention to detail. I think the apricot was my favorite, I was picturing it with a peanut butter sandwich the whole time, but the cherry and even prune (plum, whatever) was perfect on a wide variety of crackers that were brought to the tasting.

Overall, I think that working ourselves to the bones to ensure that our customers have the greatest experience is the most rewarding part of my job.

Well, I’m off to pour another beer for “photographs,” …err customer experience, errr…

Luxardo Jams


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  • Ed March 31, 2010 @ 3:55pm

    The coolest things only happen on nights when I have a class to attend. WTH? 😛

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